‘You Look Awful!’ – How To Let Your Vitality Shine Through

One of the most amusing things about Mums is the way they can be really hurtful even though they’re actually trying to be considerate. I mean I say it’s funny, but actually it only tends to be funny in retrospect and can actually be rather offensive in the short term. A great example of this is the way my Mum used to always tell me I looked awful. Of course she was only concerned, if a little paranoid, but for me it could be rather deflating to put a lot of effort into looking my best and wearing my sharpest threads, only to then be told by my Mum that I look ‘really ill’.

The problem of course was that I did indeed often look a little pasty compared to what my ideal complexion might look like, and that I perhaps had some hefty bags under my eyes from staying up late. Truth be told, even though I thought I looked okay, my Mum was actually nearer the mark. So how do you go about looking healthier and letting your vitality shine through? Here we will look at some of the easiest ways to make yourself look healthier and generally ‘more well’.


Having a bit of a tan is a great way to look healthier. When you have some more colour to your skin it will make you look as though you spend more time outdoors, while at the same time hiding your blemishes and wrinkles and preventing veins from showing through your skin as easily. Even your teeth and eyes will look whiter in contrast to your browner skin.

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To develop a tan you can of course try just spending more time outside. Image Source

To develop a tan you can of course try just spending more time outside, but an even easier method (particularly if you live in a not-so-sunny area) is to try using a self-tanning moisturizer. These bring out your skin’s ‘natural’ tan and won’t rub off on the furniture, but at the same time they only require for you to rub the cream in quickly to get the benefit.


Bags under the eyes are one of the most sure-fire signs of someone who is over tired, stressed or ill. To combat these you can of course simply try getting more sleep, but to benefit even more you can also try using an eye stick which you can apply just where the bags are in order to thicken the skin and hide the thin veins and wrinkles that can otherwise show through.

Skin Tone

Having an even skin tone will help your skin to look more rosy which will in turn will suggest a better heart rate and make you look healthier and fitter. Making sure that you do in fact have good circulation by doing lots of CV and keeping yourself trim can help this, but so too can exfoliating which will help to remove layers of dead skin that can lead to a blotchy looking complexion. If your bad skin is chronic meanwhile, you can use laser treatments or chemical peels to give yourself a much healthier glow by revealing the fresher skin underneath.

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