5 Cancer Myths That Proved To Be Not True

Cancer up to this moment does not have cure yet only treatment. The treatment for cancer involves killing the malignant cell by medication, radiation, chemotherapy or straight out surgery. For same people at advance stages of cancer, they don’t even have any chance of recovering and all that can be given is a palliative treatment to help them go through their last difficult moment.

The conspiracy theorist as well as a new breed of snake oil salesman likes to paint a very different image about cancer. In their world, cancer is something that is as easy to cure as common cold, but some big interest and corporation prevent it from happening for the sake of their big fat pocket.

Below are some of the myths regarding cancer with explanation as to why these myths are not true.

1. Only women get breast cancer

This myth is not true, men also suffer from breast cancer. In 2012 it was estimated that 2,190 new cases in males would develop, with 410 deaths. The cancer tends to occur at a later age in men than in women, with the male peak age being 71 years old as opposed to peaks at 51 and 71 years old in women.

If you are a man and feeling any lumps in your breast, painful or otherwise, do get it checked out and don’t dismiss the threat. Other signs you need to look out for are nipple retraction, discharge, or ulceration and sometimes a skin rash around the nipple.

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During the past 30 years, more women ages 25 to 39 were diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. Pharmaceutical companies are hiding the cures of cancer.

This myth brings out the romance in people in the fight against the big greedy company. In reality, as big companies are also the one that will benefit massively if they managed to find and sell the cure for cancer, holding the cure of cancer does not make any financial sense for the companies.

What does tend to happen is the Government through the FDA or other agencies are clamping down on treatment that claimed to have cured cancer without what they see as substantial and irrefutable evidence.

While this can be seen as protecting the public interests, some of these treatments do have merits and worth considering as long as you are informed and does not view it as a sure cure for your cancer.

3. Cancer is always fatal.

This is another vicious myth that puts out people hope. In fact, there are no cancers that have a 100-percent mortality rate. It is true that cancer especially if caught in a late stage can be fatal, but caught early on, some cancer has a high successful treatment rates.

Some cancer does have a low survival rate, but even with these types of cancers (like pancreatic cancer), if treated in early stage can prolonged the patient life substantially and in some cases even it is possible for the patient to co-exist with the cancer.

With the technological advancement in cancer prevention, detection and treatment, diagnosed with cancer is no longer the death sentenced as it was 20 years ago.

4. Cancer is contagious.

The short answer is no, cancer is not contagious. Furthermore, people diagnosed with cancer actually need all support they can get and avoiding them will only amplify their suffering. If you take this to the extreme, if a cancer cell in transplanted into a healthy person body, their immune system will recognize it and destroy it.

In some cases, organ transplant do catches the cancer cell but that is because in organ transplant, the patient usually take medication that weaken their immune system, this will to allow the new organ to be accepted by their body but at the same time also lower the guard of the body against threats such as cancer etc. These days however, organ transplant undergo a careful screening before being put into another patient body.

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Positive attitude does improve the quality of your life during cancer treatment. Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

While cancer itself is not contagious, germs (bacteria and viruses) have been known to be passed between people through food, airborne etc. Some of these germs carry with them diseases that can lead into cancer such as Hepatitis B and C, Human Herpes and others.

5. Being optimistic helps cure cancer.

Having a positive state of mind helps out but it will not cure you of cancer. This attitude will only provide you with a better outlook of your health future.

Positive attitude does improve the quality of your life during cancer treatment and you may be more likely to stay active, maintain ties to family and friends, and continue social activities. This situation may enhance your feeling of well-being and help you find the strength to deal with your cancer.

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