Waist Not Want Not! How To Lose Weight The Realistic Way

The never-ending battle against extra pounds has the propensity to dominate the average woman’s life. Pressure from media, society and, we’re sorry to say, other women, means we have a firm image in our minds of how we should look. It is easy to let weight-loss become an obsession, and at this point no good can come of it. It’s the age-old cliché, but true: to lose weight simply exercise more and eat less. Which is fine, and we all know it’s right, but how do you apply this saintly approach to your life? There are several keys to success:

Everything in Moderation

Yawn… we know… but it’s true. Don’t deny yourself bad food – just limit it. The minute you feel like you are ‘missing out’ you will be on the back foot, so have everything you want, just not a plate-load of it.

Change Your Perceptions

Have you ever eaten a fresh, beautifully prepared and varied salad and thoroughly enjoyed it? Most people have. But the word ‘salad’ is synonymous with dieting, and has therefore become a dirty word. View dishes of fresh fruit or an inventive salad as a treat rather than a punishment and you’re halfway there. If you start seeing chips, sweets and cakes as a punishment to your body you’re even further along the way. Sure, they are ok every now and again, but you really are punishing your body if you expect it to process fatty food on a daily basis – it’ll never keep up so of course you can’t shift the pounds. Try seeing healthy, nutritious food as a delicious prize.

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Your resting weight is the weight you are when you neither diet nor indulge yourself. Image by Alan Cleaver

Busy as a Bee

Boredom plays a large part in the fight against flab. Sitting around with not a lot going on will make your mind wander (all the way to the fridge). If you distract yourself daily with tasks that involve physical movement you’ll be amazed at how much lower your daily calorie intake is. The important thing is that when you stop you don’t reach for the nearest junk food. Always make sure there is time set aside in your day to prepare proper, filling meals. Snacking is bad news.

Know Your ‘Resting Weight’

Your resting weight is the weight you are when you neither diet nor indulge yourself. Not every woman’s resting weight is so low that they will ever fit into a pair of size 10 jeans. You are setting yourself up for an inevitable fall if you set yourself impossible targets. Accepting your body is vital – then you can go about making it the best version it can be.

A Wealth of Health

Eating well and exercising are both brilliant for your health. Let living a healthy life be your focus and find pleasure in looking after your body. Weight-loss is just a very welcome side-effect. If you get it right, you’ll be so busy enjoying the new healthy you that you won’t notice the pounds dropping off until your jeans start to!

Liam Aiden is a fitness trainer and a blogger. If you are looking to lose weight, he recommends buying a horizon folding treadmill at home as a start.

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