Avoid Injuries In Sports

If you enjoy sporting activities and keeping fit, you will know that any injury can be a major headache. Apart from the physical pain they present, you will also be forced to sit on the sidelines for a while. Doing sports should be fun, yet you end up not being able to even walk to the shops as a result. Here we talk about how you can train as often as you like without worrying about those nasty injuries that can ruin your day, or even your month!

Warm Up

It is usually newcomers to sports that suffer the most injuries, but sometimes the experienced athletes can come unstuck. Before you start your main activity, you need to warm up correctly. This means a gradual exercise routine that builds up slowly before you start to really let rip. The best way to warm up is by doing some light cardio training such as walking. If you can spare five minutes to ensure that your joints and muscles have plenty of blood flowing through them, you will minimize the risk of injury drastically. If you suffer from any conditions such as asthma, you should make your warm up session last about ten minutes.


After you have warmed up you can increase the intensity of your workout, but do not go hell for leather just yet. Many injuries are experienced because the individual does not allow his or her body to catch up with itself before increasing the activity. If you build up gradually it will ensure that your weight loss or strengthening exercise can be more effective for longer.

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Doing sports should be fun, yet you end up not being able to even walk to the shops as a result.


You should ensure that your training equipment is in good condition before you even enter the gym or the sports field. Your shoes should be the correct type for your sport and they should have lots of life left in the all important soles. If you are out on your bike, your helmet and safety padding needs to be top notch. Many injuries happen because the victim has not taken the time to equip themselves properly. If you train at home, please do not scrimp on the quality when it comes to buying equipment for your gym.

Be Smart

No matter how heroic you are feeling, you should always remember to stay safe when training. Do not attempt to lift much heavier weights, just because that cute blond is smiling at you. You will not reach that landmark time or weight any quicker by taking stupid and risky short cuts. The hospital is full of people who thought they knew better than they should have done.

Cool Down

After your main workout has ended, you still need to follow a strict procedure. If you are in a rush, then finish the workout sooner. Cooling down is the only way to allow your muscles and joints to wind down correctly. You can incorporate the warm down into your last workout activity by reducing the intensity slowly and surely. Remember the all important stretches at the end and you should be on your way to an injury free session.

Neil Damon is a certified trainer of Pilates in Melbourne. He loves to keep himself fit and plays almost all major sports. He stresses on the importance of a good warm up before any major physical activity and also gives other useful fitness tips on his blog.

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