Things You Need To Secure Your Gym Floor

Injury and working out in the gym absolutely go hand in hand. This can not only occur due to extreme carelessness on your end, but sometimes simply by chance. A concrete floor is often the hardest thing inside a gym and as most exercises involve sitting or lying on the floor, the gym owner should ideally try to avoid any kind of mishap due to a nasty contact with the floor. Just imagine how hard you would be hit if you had a free fall right on to a hard concrete floor.

Installing rubber floors to ensure safety

Most gyms nowadays have rubber flooring to help prevent falls and injuries that may result from contact with the concrete floor. Moreover, such kind of flooring helps reduce the noise element. The rubber floors in turn prevent all types of additional strain that the weighing machines might put on the gym floor. The process behind rubber interlocking the floor tiles is pretty simple. Many gym owners across the world are nowadays turning their attention to fitting rubber flooring rolls or bright and simple interlocking rubber floor tiles in order to make the spacing more comfortable and easy to maintain.

gym rubber flooring Things You Need To Secure Your Gym Floor

The rubber protects floors from impact and abrasion, reduces noise and also insulates cold floors. image source

Things to look out for while installing rubber floor

  • Firstly, you have to make sure what your needs and demands are
  • If you are looking to save money and also thinking about the environment, then you can choose the recycled rubber flooring.
  • However, if you have a glossy and attractive gym in your mind that can attract more customers and you can spend the additional money to buy them, then it would be advisable to go for brand new rubber tiles which are made of crude oil
  • Once you have selected one of the two options, the best thing is to choose the colour and shape. The main aim is to not only make it practical but also stylish
  • Measure the floor size perfectly in order to ensure that the entire floor is covered in one go
  • Once you get the measurement right, it becomes easier to floor the entire room easily

Using gym tapes are essential to secure the flooring

If you are planning sports like volleyballs or basketball as part of the gym routine, then you would definitely be needing gym tapes that can hold up the rubber or any other type of flooring, right from foot traffic to other heavy equipment which might be dragged across it. Moreover, the gym attendees are bound to spill food or seat it out in the gym and a tape is the only thing that can keep these things at bay.

The tapes can also withstand the most extreme of temperature and exposure to chemicals which actually makes them an indispensable part of the whole floor securing routine.

Wooden flooring will make your day

There are many gyms across the world that make use of hardwood court surface in order to make them adequately adept at absorbing almost any kind of pressure. The material used is constructed of maple which makes them even more durable.

Gym floor covering

These can either be constituted of carpet or a large plastic tarp. They are to be divided into equal 6 to 10 feet wide sections which will help comb the gym floor; from end to end.

There are various ways by which you can secure your gym flooring. While few of the things are mentioned above, you can always explore the various other options if opening a gym is on your mind. Do your research, plan well and then only get into the construction process. Don’t jump the bandwagon without proper research. After all attracting customers is always the aim and having the proper floor setting can be one of the basic steps to your success.

This guest post is contributed by Jim Terry. He is a health and fitness consultant and likes to take all the safety measures before a perfect workout. He also runs a gym and has recently made good use of gym floor tape for marking and making the floor much more safer.

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