Type Of Zumba Dances

Do you want to exercise, loose weight and having fun at the same time? Do you loath having regular and monotone exercise but still want to drips few sweat and feel healthy?

If you answer yeas to either of the questions then Zumba dance might be for you. Zumba dance is closer to fun that to an exercise. Just like any other dance Zumba dance is performed while listening to Latin song started with slow rhythm for the 10 minutes followed by faster beat for an hour.

Zumba dance is a unique combination of various Latin dances such as salsa, calypso, cumbia, meringue, quebradita, reggaeton and samba with aerobic. The word Zumba itself derived from Latin word Zum Zum which means fast motion.

The different between Zumba dance with normal aerobic is that this dance does not have specific number of steps for each movements and the movements are more jerky and powerful. The focus of this dance is to encourage people to actively and dynamically move following the beat of the song spontaneously without thinking too much.

Zumba can be performed at home by your self, however, because of the free style nature of Zumba it is advised for beginners to start in class with proper instructor so that you know the basic movements to avoid unnecessary injury.

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Variety of Zumba Dance to Fit Your Needs

Types of training usually tought by Zumba instructor are as follow

Zumba Basic Step

At this level the instructor will teach you basic movements as well us to give an understanding of the concept of Zumba. The instructor will usually mix as many as movements as possible to encourage activities.

Zumba Gold

Instructor will usually teach specific movements focusing for specific part of the body. This is not as fast as the normal Zumba and directed towards people age 50 and over.

Zumba Toning

This Zumba is more advanced and can involve small toning sticks or other small instrument which multiplies the benefit but also add to the complexities of the dance. This type of Zumba helps building muscle coordination and endurance. This Zumba is suitable for all ages and all skill types

Aqua Zumba

This Zumba is just like any other Zumba except that it is performed under water. Water resistance provides slows the movement but the same time also provides an extraordinary experience.

Instructor will usually stand next to the pool showing the dance movements. This type of Zumba is not advised for beginners.


This Zumba is directed more toward children from4 to 12 years old. The Instructor will train the kid’s psychology and physiology to enable them focus better.

Zumba dance can be carried out by anyone even people who rarely exercise. However, because the dance sometimes involves fast and jerky movements, people with heart conditions are advice to seek medical opinion first.

People who do Zumba Dance can usually see improvements in their stamina and metabolism within 6 month from starting out. In order to get the maximum benefits, you need to do Zumba dance for 1 or 2 hours before a meal, 2 or 3 times a week.

Videos for Zumba Dances


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