4 Handy Dentistry Apps – For Dentists, Dental Students And Dental Patients

For almost anything and everything you can think of, there is an app at your service. Apart from the various advantages brought forth by modern technology, the discovery of the smart phone has perhaps been one of the biggest. What makes a smart phone so special are the numerous mobile applications it allows you to download and take advantage of. There are apps that deal with almost every aspect of our lives, including our day to day routine life. Here in this article, let’s concentrate on a few such amazing apps on dentistry, which go on to make life easier for dentists, dental patients and dental students.

Dental Expert (available on Android and iPhone)

Be it any aspect of dentistry, this app can tell you just about anything and everything you need to know about the understanding of dentistry and various dental conditions. It includes answers to some of the most common FAQ’s that might come into your mind, such as – ways to care for your teeth, ways to keep dentals costs down, dental care for children, information on gum diseases and oral cancer, how to prevent bad breath, treatment of common dental complaints like swollen and bleeding gums, how to treat teeth sensitivity and much more. As a dental patient, this app can prove to be the ultimate dental guide for you.

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There are numerous mobile applications that can be downloaded and take advantage of which will make life easier for dentists, dental patients and dental students.Image Source

How to Brush Your Teeth (available on Android)

We all brush our teeth regularly every morning and night but how many of us know that there is actually a proper technique and method to brush your teeth and do it the right way? This fantastic app, with its visual screenshots, is a step by step guide that will show you exactly how to brush your teeth, in order to get that perfect smile. So download this wonderful free app and get more reasons to smile for!

My Dentist by Dental Anywhere (available on Android and iPhone)

This is a cracking app that comes in handy in case of reporting dental emergencies to your dentist. My Dentist allows you to connect with your dentist in order to receive communication, instructions and tips for treatment during a course of emergency. Moreover, it also allows you to request appointments without having to call or email your dentist. If you are a dentist, this app will help you connect and interact effortlessly with your patients, and will also allow your patients to refer other patients to you via the app itself. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Dentistry ProConsult (available on Android and iPhone)

Dentistry ProConsult is yet another intelligent app that any student of dentistry shouldn’t miss out on. This is an app designed to provide an extremely quick and easy way for aspiring dental students to learn dental procedures that they might be required to perform at the clinic. The best thing about this app is that it is very simple to follow, and includes step-by-step instructions and video guides for each procedure, and – its free. Superb!

Whether you’re a practicing dentist, a dental student or a dental patient, as long as you’ve got something to do with dentistry, these are four amazing smart phone apps that you should definitely check out.

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