5 Personal Hygiene Basics People Seem To Forget When They Grow Up

When you are growing up you’re taught many things and one of them happens to be personal hygiene. When you don’t look after yourself it’s not a good thing, so your parents drill good standards into you. Somewhere down the line it all goes wrong for some people. Either they completely forget, or they just stop caring about it. Something has went wrong and it needs to be sorted.

There’s nothing wrong with lying on the couch for a few days without washing when the love of your life dumps you, but becoming allergic to the shower isn’t the right way to live your life. You can put an end to it right now once we go over a few things that people don’t do. If you notice you are someone who carries out these horrible acts then you can force yourself to stop. You’ll feel so much better once you’re nice and clean.

Scratching your private parts

There’s nothing wrong with scratching your arm if it’s a bit itchy, but sticking your hand down your pants when you are sitting with other people is disgusting. The fact you are scratching a sweaty region of your body will also do no favors for your hygiene. I bet you don’t even go and wash your hands, so as soon as food comes you pick it up and put it straight in your mouth with your fingers. This is a problem for the men more than the women, but no-one should be doing it and it doesn’t make you cool.

Cleaning your teeth

If you are in terrible pain and can’t be bothered getting up to clean your teeth then one night without brushing won’t kill them, but it’s when you start doing it on a more regular basis and are eventually only cleaning when you feel like it. Everyone should be cleaning their teeth a few times per day, plus flossing and rinsing with mouthwash if you are sensible. Also get anything sorted straight away when you have any problems. It might cost you money, but you will save loads in the long-run.

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Everyone should be cleaning their teeth a few times per day, plus flossing and rinsing with mouthwash if you are sensible

Cut your nails

This only counts for the guys because we all know girls like to grow their nails. I’m not about to attack something like nail decorating that’s been going on for thousands of years. But guys, unless you’re a guitar player you should be cutting your nails short. It’s an easy way to spread germs because all that dirt gets caught inside them. It will only take you a few minutes to do each week.

Taking showers

We’ve already touched on this, but it’s something you need to do every day. When you get older and start to sweat it’s not the kind of smell you want anyone noticing when you’re going about your daily business. After a few days you start to smell like a public toilet inside a festival. If you don’t like showers then take a bath, just clean yourself. In the olden days people used to wash using a bucket and sponge. Surely you can turn on a tap and stand under flowing water.

Washing your hands

There’s lots of disgusting things out there and I bet you touch most of them with your hands, which then find their way inside your mouth or all over your face. When you touch anything horrible you should give your hands a wipe. This also applies to the people who think it’s alright to go to the toilet and not wash. Maybe you’re fine with urine all over your hands, but we don’t want you shaking ours.

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    This is common sense really, if people dont do this, they either senile or in a hurry

  2. WaxVac says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. Proper hygiene should be practiced from at all ages.

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