Are ECigs Dangerous? No – Here’s Why…

Electronic or e-cigarettes are battery operated “cigarettes” designed to like regular tobacco cigarettes. Contrary to some beliefs, e-cigarettes do contain nicotine. Your typical eCig operates using an atomizer that heats a liquid comprising of water, trace elements and nicotine. The atomizer turns the liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. The steam cloud is similar to cigarette smoke.

The biggest claim by manufacturers is that eCigs are much safer than regular cigarettes. However, the U.S. FDA or Food and Drug Administration is currently questioning the safety of eCigs. Samples of two brands of eCigs were tested and variable amounts of nicotine and toxic chemicals were found.  The FDA has now issued a warning about potential health risks that are similar if not the same as traditional cigarettes.

Upsides to e-cigarettes

There are obvious pros to the e-cigarette. Cost and greater health benefits are the two obvious pros and not smoking as much is also a plus.

Standard cigarettes have been proven to be killers. Electronic cigarettes give you the nicotine high without tar and toxic inhalants being pulled into your lungs. When you smoke an electric cigarette you do not have to deal with carbon monoxide inhalation and you get a burst of nicotine without tar.

e cigs Are ECigs Dangerous?  No   Heres Why...

A definite advantage of eCigs is cost savings

Tar is a substance that causes mouth cancer and is the major component of causing cancer in the lungs. While it is better not to smoke, inhaling pure nicotine, which is addictive, is not as damaging as inhaling carbon monoxide and tars.

A pack of cigarettes is tempting. You often feel that you need to smoke one cigarette after the other. Before you realize it, the entire package is gone. Psychologists claim that one of the “attractive” attributes with regular cigarettes is the packaging and advertising. There is no good way to have just one puff, put out your cigarette, and refuse to smoke any more the rest of the day. Electronic cigarettes have the advantage of allowing you to stop when you have had your nicotine fix. You are now smoking less.

Purchase the eCig once and you are done. All you need to do is buy replacement filters or the nicotine-containing fluid that is part of the electronic cigarette. You can now avoid purchasing new cartons at every gas stop. A definite advantage of eCigs is cost savings.


Electronic cigarette manufactures focus on simplicity. There is very little maintenance in e-cigarettes; just the construction of two snap together pieces and refillable cartomizers. You may need to charge a battery and you will definitely need to attach a fresh cartomizer, but the premise is simple. No more bulging cigarette packages in your purse or pocket; you now have a slim smoke stick that is attractive, does not stain your fingers, and does not leave lingering smoke and smells.

There are advocates of eCigs who claim that by “lighting up” an eCig you may be on your way to losing the smoking habit altogether. You do not need as many smoking sessions, you get satisfied quickly, and the cleanliness factor is awesome.

Gabriel Macy writes about ecigs amongst other things, and if you are thinking of trying them out he recommends you do a search online for reviews and in particular coupon codes.  For example this page which has a green smoke discount code may be a good place to start.

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  1. cigarette ban says:

    Not touched an actual ciggy for 7 weeks now thanks to using an electronic cigarette.
    I am an evangelist for these electric cigs. I tell everybody I meet to just Google for electronic cigarettes to see for themselves how well rooted this business is, and how gigantic the range is for these excellent products is.
    What p*sses me off, though, are the increasing number of articles in the papers and tv saying how dreadful they are. Apparently pharma companies – the manufacturers of cessation smoking helpers are backing an anti e-cigarette campaign – less so the fag companies (as one might suspect), as many are investing in them. I can really appreciate the health gains of e cigarettes. Just arguing – that there is always some reason with these self-interested faceless types trying to ban ecigs – our country’s legislators should do a lot more to help. It makes me so agitated. I really hope they don’t ban them.

  2. e-liquid says:

    Yes, tell everybody you know to search on the web for electronic cigarettes to
    see how large this industry is, and how gigantic the market is for these fantastic products is.
    What really gets my goat, though, are the increasing number of posts in the major
    press saying how dire they are. Apparently the bloody pharma companies – the makers of end-smoking
    products are putting their money behind an anti e-cig war
    - not so much the cigarette firms (as you might assume) – as they cigarette producers are putting money into them.

    I can FEEL the health gains of electronic cigarettes.
    Just complaining – that there is always some hidden
    agenda with these self interested faceless types trying to
    stop electronic cigarettes … the authorities must do a lot more to promote their use.
    This makes me depressed. Thanks Are ECigs Dangerous? No – Here?s Why? | Gaucy.

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