How to Encourage Muscle Recovery

If you’re an athlete or bodybuilder then your muscles will go through a constant cycle of being damaged and then allowed to repair. When you work out and lift weights what you are actually doing is repeatedly tearing your muscle fibres and then allowing them to recover using proteins and amino acids. It’s this recovery process that causes them to come back thicker thus making you stronger and developing the size of your muscles and the process is known as hypertrophy.

This is a good thing for athletes of course, but it doesn’t alter the fact that you are essentially constantly damaging your body and always on the recovery which puts you under a lot of stress. As such then it’s important to give your muscles all the help they can get in recovering and getting bigger and stronger, so here we’ll look at how you can do that.


The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you are getting a lot of protein. This is important because protein contains amino acids and amino acids are what our body uses to build tissue and make repairs. In other words, if you eat a burger or a piece of chicken you are effectively ‘recycling’ that meat and using it for your body’s own purposes. If you don’t get enough then you won’t be able to recover.


Getting lots of sleep is important because our body carries out most of its repairs at this point. When we sleep we produce more growth hormone and this is what triggers the development of muscle and the healing of wounds. If we don’t get enough sleep then we won’t be in this ‘anabolic phase’ for as long and the recovery will take longer.

Muscle Recovery How to Encourage Muscle Recovery

Getting a sports massage after a big game or a big workout then can help you to grow bigger and stronger muscles. License: Creative Commons image source

Hot Showers

Other things can also stimulate the production of growth hormone and similarly speed up recovery. One of those things is to take a hot shower, which will also help to relax your muscles and give you a better night’s sleep.


Another anabolic hormone our body produces is testosterone. If you’re male then you can enhance this with supplements, but man or woman you will still be able to get more by engaging in more exercise and by consuming red meat.


When we get massaged this not only helps to relax the muscles and to ease the pain, but it will also help to encourage blood flow to the area thus meaning it is delivered more essential nutrients and oxygen allowing it to recover better. Getting a sports massage after a big game or a big workout then can help you to grow bigger and stronger muscles.


Vasodilation is the name for what happens when our blood vessels ‘dilate’ meaning that they get wider to accommodate more blood. This lowers our blood pressure, but also increases the amount of blood and therefore nutrients that get to our muscles. There are supplements that do this such as NO2, but you can also do it by eating the right diet. Raw garlic for instance is a fantastic vasodilator and doesn’t taste too bad if you grate it thinly on your food.

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