Sleeping for Two: the Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the woman experiences big changes as far as her body is concerned. It is a very exciting, yet physically demanding phase. Pregnant women experience huge changes in their physical form and emotional experiences that will eventually affect the quality of sleep. Some of the physical symptoms include: leg cramps, body aches, heart burn, and nausea; while the emotional changes include: mood swings, depression, worry, and anxiety. All these can interfere with a pregnant woman’s need for peaceful and high quality sleep. Another reason for sleeplessness during pregnancy is the inability to find a comfortable position, and suffering from back pains makes every attempt for a peaceful sleep utterly exasperating. If the lack of sleep in pregnant women is not addressed properly, it can compromise the health of both the mother and baby.

Sleeping Problems During Pregnancy

After the first trimester of a pregnancy, many pregnant women feel an improved sense of energy. The morning sickness have stopped and instead of feeling exhausted, pregnant women will only feel slightly tired. Unfortunately, around the 15th week of pregnancy and onwards, pregnant women will no longer be very comfortable to sleep on their stomach or back; thus, sleeping can be challenging, frustrating and problematic. Extended sleeping can lead to back, shoulder, and hip pain- all of which cause impaired sleep.

So, what can a pregnant woman do to help her aching back and address her sleeplessness? One of the most common reasons for pregnancy back pain is sleeping on a wrong mattress. An old, sagging mattress will only make the pregnant woman suffer even more. To avoid this, it is advisable to replace the existing mattress with one that caters for the special needs of expectant moms. A good mattress can bring about peaceful sleep, which is absolutely needed by a soon-to-be mother.

Proper Weight Distribution

mattress for pregnant woman Sleeping for Two: the Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

Unfortunately, around the 15th week of pregnancy and onwards, pregnant women will no longer be very comfortable to sleep on their stomach or back

The body proportions of a pregnant woman are bound to change throughout pregnancy, and this includes her weight. When choosing a mattress during pregnancy, one must find a mattress that can effectively distribute the weight away from the high pressure areas, such as the shoulders and hips. The mattress must be able to adjust to the woman’s body shape and weight, as well as the husband’s. If the mattress is unable to properly distribute the weight, the pregnant woman’s weight will be distributed differently; thus, she will feel uncomfortable, and suffer from aching hips and back.

Optimum Support

Back pains, soreness, and stiffness are just some of the symptoms that expectant moms experience. The growing baby inside her womb adds to her weight; thus, causing the symptoms. To get the comfort she needs, she must have a mattress that can provide better support for her back and ensure proper spine alignment. A firm mattress is not advisable for pregnant women who generally sleep on their side. If the expectant mom cannot afford to buy a new mattress, she can consider buying a mattress topper instead. A lot of experienced mothers advise the use of memory foam style mattress pads since it conforms to and supports the right areas.

Memory Foam Mattress For Pregnant Women

A number of expecting moms find that innerspring mattresses make their body pains worse. The springs push back on the body creating unnecessary pressure points. This will result to sleeplessness and body pains. For this reason, pregnant women must choose a mattress that is designed to mould to the natural curves of their body. With this, memory foam mattress are said to be ideal for expecting mothers. This type of mattress is capable of conforming to a person’s body; hence, the body is perfectly cradled in comfort.

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