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Choosing the right pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep. Getting the perfect one for you is a very personal decision, often with some trial and error involved. There are many different types of pillow, here you can find out about the most common types available.

Polyester Hollow Fibre Pillows

These pillows are possibly the most popular, and tend to be the cheapest. They are easy to care for and provide protection from dust mite, making them great for those who suffer from allergies. Unfortunately, they offer limited support and need replacing fairly often as the filling flattens quickly.

Feather Pillows

Duck or goose feather pillows are an affordable alternative to hollow fibre, and are soft, easy moulded into shape and generally more durable. They are washable and can last for years if looked after correctly. However, they are not good for allergy sufferers and at times the quills in the feathers can poke through the lining.

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Getting the perfect pillow for you is a very personal decision, often with some trial and error involved. Image Source

Down Pillows

Down is the soft layer found between the feathers of ducks and geese and is better at retaining heat than feathers. It is incredibly soft and easy to shape with a luxurious feel. Down pillows tend not to offer a great deal of support, they can be expensive and they are not great for allergy sufferers.

Latex Pillows

Latex is a natural, durable material that effectively shapes itself around the head and neck for real comfort. It is extremely supportive as well as soft, and can offer some pressure relief. Disadvantages of latex pillows are that they tend to be heavy with a height and shape that cannot be changed, and they can be expensive. They can also have an unpleasant odour for a while when new.

Memory Foam Pillows

If you’re looking for good night time support, this may be the pillow for you. They can be contoured to fit the shape of the head and neck and have a fixed height. They are easy to care for and have a good life span. On the downside, the fixed height can be uncomfortable if you move about a lot during the night. A new memory foam pillow can have a displeasing, artificial odour for a while. Prices vary but they can be quite expensive.

Water Pillows

Water pillows are versatile in that they can be customized to suit your required level of firmness and height. They are known to provide support and pain relief especially in the back and neck areas, and have a pleasant, cooling effect. They can be quite heavy and it may take several attempts to get the right water fill level for you.

Buckwheat Pillows

These pillows have a completely natural filling and offer good support. They are mouldable and will adjust to the contours of the body. They are quite firm and heavy and as the husks move around in the pillow they can make some noise, but this sound can also have a soothing effect.

Author Colin McD. I recently purchased one of the great Tempur pillows range and have truly found it has revolutionized my sleep. However I was fascinated after talking to a friend about the other options (particularly buckwheat), so thought I would let people know the options out there!

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