Will A Physical Therapy Program Benefit You?

Physical therapy has several merits and is usually prescribed as a rehabilitation technique for those recovering from a stroke or with disability.

Owing to an accident or auto collision, a person may lose the ability to perform routine functions. The healing technique used via physical therapy is scientific, researched and aided with machines that improve the locomotion in a person.

This is indeed a boon to many who are facing a huge challenge of leading normal lives. Medical science has made a lot of progress to reconstruct and restructure vital organs like spine, bones and knee. It is normal to experience pain after a surgery but the therapy proves to be a panacea and helps a person to carry out normal activities without pain.

Following illnesses are addressed with physical therapy

  • Alzheimer and Parkinson’s -  Neurological problems
  • Congenital problems
  • Spine problems
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Specialized pediatric care
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post surgery pain

Diseases like osteoarthritis can often de-motivate patients as it greatly affects their basic abilities like walking and even sitting, but physical therapy can greatly aid in resolving these issues. These therapies are also suited to relieve a person from muscle spasm and also give more dexterity to the joints and thereby improve mobility.

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Giving flexibility to the organs and more suppleness to the joints and spine, physical therapies are based on a detail study of trauma and processes that can hinder normal activities.

Not only are the above mentioned conditions alleviated, but also children who have delayed milestones or exhibit a restricted movement in their bodily expressions benefit from physical therapy. In Parkinson’s, after the therapy, the synchronization is more effective and relays connective nerve synchronization. Giving flexibility to the organs and more suppleness to the joints and spine, these therapies are based on a detail study of trauma and processes that can hinder normal activities.

Points to ponder while considering physical therapy

  • Related reports and any other illness must be brought to the notice of the physiatrist.
  • Sharing apprehensions is essential to build a rapport.
  • Self-therapy has to be avoided.
  • Pain aggravation or discomfort must be recorded and communicated.
  • Patience and sincerity to complete the sessions.
  • Positive outlook.

Physical therapy is a methodological process

Patients who were earlier advised long periods of rest as a recovery program often feel a loss of strength in their muscles. The therapy is highly effective in giving more mobility to the ligaments and strengthens the muscles in order to carry out activities that are essential as a routine way of life. Posture maintenance, ultrasound techniques as well as stretching exercises are combined as per the improvement shown by the patient. Typically programmed and customized as per the patient’s need, the physiatrist uses a scientific approach with exercises and machine aided techniques.

Patients who were earlier immobilized due to trauma or surgery are now equipped with the benefits of physical therapy that can help them in their quest to be mobile and functioning again. Initially, the physiatrist will evaluate the case and the procedure will be explained to the patient. At times, this can be a long process and the person administering the therapy will examine the progress. It is best to trust and not carry out the exercises or movements without supervision as it can be hazardous and can cause other symptoms that are not beneficial to human health. Hence, this process has a methodological approach with specific treatment as per need and deformity.

How the therapy works?

Muscle strength training, endurance programs as well as electric stimulations are some of the techniques, which are designed and customized as per the patient’s needs. The treatment is based on gender, age, occupation as well as extent of trauma met by the patient. The effective treatment lifts the pressure on the muscles and hence a balance is maintained. With progress, the physiatrist includes newer methods that are beneficial.

There are exclusive treatments for pediatric as well as geriatric needs. Speech therapy is also included especially for children to give more strength to their facial muscles and this gives them more confidence to chew or swallow their food. Despite their current physical disability, patients are given the opportunity to lead a smooth life.

Therefore, it is fair to say that physical therapy is extremely beneficial to promote well-being and confidence in a patient.

Dr. Peter Ferraro, DC, located in Saddlebrook in Bergen County, is one of the New Jersey’s leading physical therapy experts. Dr. Ferraro, has over 12 years of experience in the chiropractic field and has become nationally recognized for his extensive work using non-surgical decompression technology along with being certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA).

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