Breast Enhancement Surgeries On The Rise In The US

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) have released their statistics on the number of procedures performed Stateside during 2012, with breast augmentation remaining the most popular procedure and enjoying the biggest rise of all types of aesthetic work.

A total of 14.6 million surgeries and cosmetic procedures were performed last year in the US, with boob jobs coming out top of the aesthetic medicine league – a total of 286,000 American women opted for them. The second most popular surgery in 2012 was rhinoplasty (nose job) followed by liposuction. Fourth and fifth most popular were procedures to help roll back the effects of time – eyelid surgery and facelifts respectively.

Celebrity surgery

Recent US reality TV shows have highlighted the popularity of breast implants across the pond, with several stars sporting enhanced breasts. It doesn’t seem to be bound by class either – from the working-class Jersey Shore TV stars through to Beverley Hills Housewives such as Brandi Glanville. Other Hollywood stars are the subject of “have they or haven’t they?” speculation, but are more circumspect about the procedure by opting for subtle breast implants.

jersey shore stars Breast Enhancement Surgeries On The Rise In The US

Recent US reality TV shows have highlighted the popularity of breast implants

LA in particular seems to have a culture of enhanced breasts, with one famous resident recently gracing the small screen here in the UK on Channel 5′s Celebrity Big Brother. Heidi Montag, one half of famous duo “Speidi”, is as well known for her enhanced assets as she is for being a star of the reality TV show that launched her career – The Hills. Not only has she had a breast augmentation she’s also undergone a number of other cosmetic procedures, undertaking them all in one day in order to provide good reality television.

Worldwide popularity

It’s not just in the States or in reality shows that breast surgery is popular however; it is also the most requested procedure in the UK, accounting for over 20% of all surgeries performed.

UK based Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards, who offers breast implants at his own cosmetic surgery clinic, has first-hand experience of the procedure’s popularity:

“Breast enlargement is by far the most popular procedure we perform at our clinic. And the number of inquiries we receive for breast enlargement surgery is increasing all the time.”

Us Brits are also fans of nose jobs and eyelid surgery, with both of those proving popular. Increasing in popularity are brow lifts, mini facelifts and surgery for men.

In fact, the US too saw a rise last year in the number of breast operations performed on men; 21,000 patients elected to have male breast reduction surgery (to reverse gynecomastia, or ‘moobs’), a 6% rise from 2011. Despite the growing numbers of men opting for surgery, both in the US and elsewhere, the largest proportion of patients are still female.

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  1. Regina says:

    Breast augmentation is not new but somewhere from 2003 – present there has been a huge explosion in these type surgeries. More doctors have become privy in performing these implants and many women and in (some cases men) will pay top dollar for them. Why? Because they simply draw attention and when you get positive attention it makes you feel good.

  2. Kelly says:

    I think that people are to eager to have surgery and should look at more natural options to help with their breasts.

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